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Brief of a Landing Page Design

Form Essentials

If you are asking your visitors to fill up a form, then ask for only the essential information.

Making your visitors fill unnecessary information may make them lose interest.

Purpose of the Landing Page Design

Deciding the purpose of the landing page design is crucial in determining its success. Without a goal, you won’t be able to make it as effective and persuasive as it can be.

Thus, chances are that your landing page may not give you the desired results.

Define your expectations from the landing page design prior to creating it. This will help you monitor and track your results.

Effective CTA

After you decide the purpose of it, you need to come up with an effective CTA.

Your CTA is probably the essential part of a landing page. Make sure that the CTA is neither too long and fancy nor too plain. Clear, explicit and effective is the key here. 

Precise and Crisp Copy

A landing page is not a blog where you can put as much information as you like including all the heavy phrases and fancy language.

It needs to have a concise and succinct copy. Too much information and show of creativity may defeat the purpose of your landing page.

Why Digital Forest?

At Digital Forest, we make sure that your landing page does not only present the information in the best possible format but also ensure that it is optimised to give you the desired results and increase your conversion rate.

Affordable – we design and create optimised and appealing landing page design for small businesses across Australia at super affordable rates. Likewise, we also offer email marketing and PPC services as part of our affordable package. 

Holistic approach – They are designed keeping in mind your target audience, your PPC and/or email marketing campaigns so that it is relevant and goes with the theme perfectly.

Unwavering support – whether its a doubt in your mind or any kind of change that you require, our team is always ready to help you out with anything that you might need. We are available anytime via email.  

Unmatched Quality – our team of experts are well versed in both the coding as well as graphic designing. Thus, you can be sure that your landing page design and your trust is in safe hands. Moreover, we work with you every step of the way.

Zaap Cash for Cars Website Design by Digital Forest Out Work

Web Design Packages

Starter Package - $899 inc. GST

  • Up to 4 Pages
  • Google Business Page Setup
  • 24/7 Self Update 

Essential Package - $1699 inc. GST

  • Up to 12 Pages
  • Google Business Page Setup
  • 24/7 Self Update
  • On-Page SEO
  • Free Logo Design 

Premium Package - $2399 inc. GST

  • Up to 25 Pages
  • Google Business Page Setup
  • 24/7 Self Update
  • On Page SEO
  • Free Logo Design
  • Free Social Media Graphics (Up to 5) 

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