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Boost Your Digital Presence With Responsive Web Design Services


Boost Your Digital Presence With Responsive Web Design Services


Mobile users contribute to 50% of the world’s traffic. If you are determined towards growing your business, you must have a responsive and modernized website. We, at Kent IT Solutions, provide you with an attractive as well as a responsive website that generates more traffic, sales, and leads for your business. Whether you need to bring your existing website to present or get a new internet presence built from scratch, Kent IT Solutions provides you with the required resources and experience. If you have a small or medium-sized business, we certainly fit the bill for you.

With our website design services Australia, you can make sure that your website is accessible across all devices. Whether your ideal audience uses a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, responsive website design will help you reach your targeted audience easily. Talking about search engine rankings, major platforms such as Google prefer responsive designs. Therefore, if your website is highly responsive, you have higher chances of ranking on the search engine results page.

Why Do You Need A Responsive Website? 

  • Higher Flexibility 

With a responsive design for your website, the task of making changes becomes easy and quick. Moreover, you don’t have to make changes separately for mobile and desktop websites. Therefore, you can enjoy greater flexibility with responsive website design. This comes extremely handy when you need to fix minor errors such as a typo. 

  • Better SEO 

SEO or search engine optimization is mandatory for every company. This allows them to appear higher in the search engine results page. Moreover, when you have better rankings, you can enjoy a higher number of leads for your business. A responsive website can help you greatly with SEO because most of the search engines give higher priority to mobile-friendly websites. 

  • Better User Experience 

In simplest terms, you need a website to reach your desired audience and tell them about your services. With responsive website design, you can make sure to provide a great experience to everyone who visits your website. Therefore, it not only makes you look more professional but also increases the credibility of your business. 

  • Effective Cost 

It can be really expensive to maintain a separate website for desktop and mobile devices. With the help of a responsive website, you can save a great amount of money by managing a single website. All you need to pay is for a single website that looks appealing to everyone regardless of the type of device they use. 

  • Easy Management 

The majority of the businesses lack time to refresh and update the look of their website. With a responsive website, you will never have to hire a developer to make changes in certain aspects of your website. You can do it all on your own with ease. Moreover, with only a single website for all platforms, you can easily manage all other aspects of your marketing. For instance, when doing an update on social media, you don’t have to think about linking either the mobile site or desktop site. 

How Does Responsive Web Design Contribute To Your Growth? 

Efficient website design can not only bring in a large volume of traffic but also help your visitors to convert. As a matter of fact, 48% of internet users consider the website design as a major source to determine the credibility of a business. Moreover, 62% of companies have observed an increment in their sales after they designed a dedicated platform for a responsive mobile design. Here’s is a rundown of all major benefits that your business can enjoy by having a responsive web design:


  • It provides you with a boost in organic traffic and conversions of the visitor to buyer
  • It results in higher rankings on search engines 
  • It helps in better user engagement
  • It results in more sales and higher revenue 
  • It also reduces the bounce rate of your website 
  • It positively impacts your SEO 
  • It allows you to gain more mobile traffic 
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance 
  • It provides a blazingly fast loading time for your webpage 
  • It improves the experience of online browsing for your visitors 
  • It helps you build a great brand awareness 
  • It helps you dominate your competitors 

How Does Our Design Process Work?

As being the most prominent responsive web design company, Kent IT Solutions helps you create websites that look perfect on all platforms and provides a great user experience to your visitors. We make a compilation of responsive images, flexible grids, media queries, and readable content to help you with an amazing website design that is meant to provide you with better conversions. Here’s how the process looks:

  • Firstly, we conduct brand research to uncover the story of your brand
  • Next up, we analyze your competitors and gain insights over their best practices. 
  • After that, we start the design process keeping in mind the UI and UX requirements of your business. 
  • Then, we optimize the design to solve real-life problems for your audience.
  • Later on, we make your website look cleaner, modern, and easily navigable. 

When you get your website built through us, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs. Our built responsive website designs require very little maintenance and help you save both time and money.



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