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7 Top Reasons Why WordPress is Best CMS for Small Business Websites


Whether you are running a small business, entrepreneurship firm, a start-up or any home-based enterprise, you will need an easy-to-edit, flexible, SEO-friendly website to create a strong brand presence. The new professional-looking responsive website will represent what you do, your products and services (and the brand) through the content you choose to publish. 

With many content management systems in the marketplace, you may want to know about the one that’s versatile enough to cater to businesses of all types and sizes. Here we intend to walk you through the 7 top reasons why WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) for the success of small business website designs

Why Use WordPress for Small Business Website Design?

1. Easy to understand, integrate and learn

Users, even beginners, can learn and modify the source code without any trouble. Be it for the installation of WordPress or the development of plugins, there are several step by step guides and articles to bank upon. WordPress users with little or no technical knowledge will find it easy to use, install and manage the CMS, or add and update website content on their own. 

2. Multiple plugins and themes

Responsive websites are more SEO friendly and have higher rankings on search engines. 

  • Responsive themes and plugins can be selected based on business needs or mobile website design requirements. 
  • WordPress plugins are useful for website designing, content management, uploading videos and images, website analysis and optimization, etc. 
  • Themes can also be designed or customized to suit specific business requirements. 

3. SEO-friendly 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for increasing brand visibility and reaching the target audience successfully. 

  • WordPress helps in putting up SEO friendly and interesting content to attract visitors to the business website. 
  • Experienced WordPress experts use their knowledge for SEO infused, clean coding to make website designs more SEO friendly. 
  • It simplifies the use of keywords, H1, H2 and H3 tags, supporting plug-ins such as SEO Ultimate, Yoast, etc.

4. Flexibility

      WordPress provides thousands of themes and 22,000+ plugins to help build SEO-friendly, fast, good-looking websites. 

      • The CMS provides flexible options for taking care of the dynamic trends of online media.
      • The vast library of WordPress plugins and specialized tools is comparatively easy-to-use and installed in comparison to that of other content management software.

      5. Safe and secure 

        Did you know that WordPress updates its security and other features automatically? There are several security checks and measures in place to keep business websites up-to-date with the best safeguards against vulnerabilities. 

        WordPress, being open-sourced, is likely to be targeted by hackers and intruders. However, just like any other content management system, it can take on ongoing work as securely as possible. The CMS is equipped with a large team of security professionals who are consistently creating improved features for securing themes, plugins and updates. 

        6. Application programming interfaces (APIs) 

        Social media networks have different APIs; they allow for the proper integration of user websites with 3rd party services. With WordPress, users can access thousands of useful APIs, thereby gaining the freedom to integrate external resources into their business websites.

        7. Scaling up

        Even though you want a functional and fast-loading website to get your business on the roll (as of now) business growth would change the requirements very soon. The scalability features of WordPress can help you build your website’s network while saving upon time and resources.

        Way Forward 

        Research reveals that over 90 per cent of consumers look for information online before making any purchase decision. Therefore, as a small business owner, you will also need a reliable CMS like WordPress website design and SEO efforts. Reach out to Digital Forest for cost-saving, easy to edit responsive website solutions. Ask for our expertise in WordPress to take your business to the next levels of success!




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